Sunday, March 8, 2009

A few additions:

Murray State men's basketball coach, Billy Kennedy, on his seniors Tyler Holloway and Kevin Thomas after the Racers' loss to Austin Peay on Friday in the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament semifinals.

“Both of these guys have been with me the last three years, and it’s disappointing they don’t get to continue playing. Tyler has probably gotten more out of his ability than just about any player I’ve ever coached. His mental preparation, his attitude, his character, and his work ethic has been better than anyone really in our program the last three years. Kevin, the last month or so, stepped up. He battled injury early in his career and really did a tremendous job the last few weeks and even in the last six minutes of the game, he didn’t want to let go, and I’m really thankful we had these two guys and their effort and their character was much appreciated.”


Part of the Racers' problem Friday was the fact they couldn't get any breaks in play. The Racers were called for 22 personal fouls while the Governors were called for 15. Only a few of the Racers' fouls were desperation, strategical fouls. Whether the calls were legitimate or not really isn't my expertise, but in the last six games of the season, the Racers were called for an average of 14.6 fouls a game. Their opponents were called for 21.2 fouls a game. Granted, the Racers played five of those six games at home, but it's not like the Racers are a hack-and-shove team.

I cut this part of my story from Friday night because it simply made my story too long for publication:

Coach Kennedy’s frustration with the officiating was clearly evident, and he spent plenty of time stalking the sidelines, yelling at referees’ decision for a call or no call. With just less than four minutes left and the Racers called for another foul, Kennedy just threw his hands at the refs and walked back to his bench.

Even when Jeffery McClain hustled after a loose ball and collided with two other APSU players, it was McClain that went to the bench injured and with a foul.

“He’s OK,” Kennedy said about his sophomore. “He’s more disappointed than injured. We didn’t fly around with that kind of recklessness in the beginning of the game, and we tried to at the end but it was too late.”

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ohio Valley Conference Tournament - Racer men

Murray State lost to Austin Peay, 67-50. Stay tuned for follow up matter either here or in The Paducah Sun.

Ohio Valley Conference Tournament - Racer men

With 7:53 left and Austin Peay up 53-31, Murray State appears to have given up. A time out and the Racers come out somewhat renewed, but it appears to be over now and the Racers seem to know it.

Anyone know of the greatest comeback in basketball history? The Racers could use one.

Ohio Valley Conference Tournament - Racer men

At the half, Austin Peay 33, Murray State 22.

Not looking good for the Racers right now. Defensively, the Racers aren't terrible, it just looks a lot worse when you're shooting 27 percent from the field and are 0-of-9 from the 3-point line.

No one is counting the Racers out yet, though. A few clutch 3-pointers and the Racers could be back in it.

If not, Racer nation has had a short trip to Nashville.

Ohio Valley Conference Tournament - Racer men

Austin Peay 16, Murray State 8 with 11:03 left in the first half.

The Racers have effectively taken away Wes Channels and Drake Reed to start but the others are making some gutsy plays.

Ohio Valley Conference Tournament - Racer men

One awesome feature at the Sommet Center is the mega-jumbo-largatron viewing score board. Yes, that appears to be high definition on those screens.

While gorgeous, they equal the only scoreboard in the arena and you got to cran your neck for the scores.

I'll be blogging periodically during the Murray State men's game against Austin Peay, too.


Former Racers Charles Johnson and Bruce Carter showed up to the game in almost the front row to cheer on their former teammates. Both Johnson and Carter were wearing symbolic championship rings - Johnson's from the last OVC championship and Carter's from winning the national title at his former junior college.

OVC Tournament - Racer women

Austin Peay 90, Murray State 84.

The Lady Govs advance to the championship game of the OVC Tournament.

The Racers are guaranteed a berth in the WNIT. More on that later.

The Racer men's team plays Austin Peay at 8 p.m. tonight.

Ohio Valley Conference Tournament - Racer women

Austin Peay is not going way, leading 64-60 with 10:22 left in the second half. They're making just about everything they throw up, and if they don't make it the first time, an offensive rebound assures them of a second, and often a third chance. Murray State is going to have to step it up on the defensive end, or they're going to go home unhappy.

Ohio Valley Conference Tournament - Racer women

Austin Peay came out hot, hitting almost 50 percent of their shots in the first half, but Murray State went into halftime up just 39-38.

Biggest weakness: The Lady Govs' speed and physical presence in the post. They outrebounded the Racers 22-16 in the first half.


A nice, healthy crowd of Racer fans showed up. I'm impressed.


Both mens' teams from the competing women's schools showed up in support of their female counterparts. That was a nice gesture.