Thursday, August 28, 2008

MSU vs. Lambuth - LIVE

13:57 4th quarter
MSU - 41
Lambuth - 17

Nico Yantko is still leading the offense. Jeff Ehrhardt is out of his pads, arm tucked against his chest under a gold shirt and jacket.

MSU vs. Lambuth - LIVE


Murray State 17
Lambuth 14

Nico Yantko went in late for injured quarterback Jeff Ehrhardt. Ehrhardt looked to get banged up on a running attempt earlier, and went into the locker room where remained. The injury looked to be to his throwing arm.

Yantko's stats are impressive for never playing a collegiate football game at quarterback. His bio jumps from UT Martin to Iowa Central Community College where he did not play football. He is listed as a junior and has seen time in six games, but has no stats, according to the MSU Media Guide.

Yantko's drive resulted in a field goal for the Racers.

He passed for 23 yards completing 3-4 passes and ran for 11 yards. Ehrhardt was 6-13 with 122 yards and one touchdown. His longest pass was a 50 yard toss to DeAngelo Nelson.

The Racer Band is rocking with a rendition of Turn the Beat Around.

MSU vs. Lambuth - LIVE

9:56 second quarter
MSU -7
Lambuth - 7

The Eagles scored on a 6-yard run from tailback Edward Robinson after the Eagles received good field position on a Racer penalty with 6:44 left in the first quarter.

Racer senior safety Will Werner interceped Lambuth quarterback Josh Garza with 11 minutes left in the second quarter for the Racers first score. Werner ran for 66 yards, the first time since 2004 the Racers have returned an interception for a touchdown.

Statwise, there's not much difference. The Racer offense looks scrapped together. The defense looks as if it hasn't seen a live play since spring. Except for Werner.

But it's the first quarter. Last season, the Racers allowed Lambuth two touchdowns before responding with five straight. Everyone needs some time to get the kinks out.

MSU vs. Lambuth - LIVE

The jockey for Racer One just got thrown from her horse after taking an entry lap during the preshow. She is up and walking.

Murray State vs. Lambuth begins in 6 minutes and 20 seconds. Check back for more.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Class 6a extras

The way a lot of the Class 6a football coaches talk in the first district, the district champion could just as likely be determined by way of lottery as way of on-field performance.

Daviess County coach Marcus Kimbrell reports that 100 kids grades 9-12 have come out for the season. If the Panthers can keep 3/4 of those players in the system, the future looks bright.

The Panthers lost just seven players, the fewest of any District 1 team. They also start two Governor's Scholars in Joey Kramer and Hunter Jagoe.

---Clay Clevenger at Henderson County is moving his returners around, experimenting at the positions to find the right fit. The Colonels won't be very deep, but will return running back Mondo Theus, a physical kid, and quarterback Jeremiah Coursey.

--- Graves County probably took the biggest hit of all the teams, losing 22 seniors. The Eagles don't return a lot and have small junior and senior classes, therefore relying on some inexperienced underclassmen. While that won't be a bad thing in the future, this season the Eagles will need plenty of crowd support with a tough schedule on the docket, coach Mike Rogers said.

Cassidy McAlpin will play both ways at linebacker and tight end, but will likely find himself in other roles throughout the season.

Coach Rogers was the only coach I talked to in these two weeks who mentioned his kickers, Isaac Sims and Tyler Willett. Both will be counted on for their experience.

---Marshall County will only be as good as its 17 seniors - four of whom saw significant time at the varsity level. Coach Scott Shelton stopped short of calling his team young, just a tad inexperienced.

Senior Denver Seay will take over the quarterback spot after playing defensive end last season. At 6-foot-4 and 215 pounds, Seay will be able to withstand a few knocks and knicks.

Wide receiver Josh Madding returns as one of the Marshals best and most experienced players. Madding was invaluable on both sides of the ball last season and looks to be a playmaker again.

Scott Williams will work into the starting line up, as well, as a receiver and safety. Williams is the younger brother of running back Alan Williams, who set state records as a junior before graduating last season.

---Madisonville-North Hopkins is another team to look out for this season. The Maroons (best mascot ever, btw), started off last season a strong 4-1 until quarterback Matt Levin went down with a broken ankle against Marshall County. The Maroons finished last year 5-5.

If the Maroons can get the ranks up to speed and truly start 22 different players, they will be a mess to tangle with.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Class 3A football extras....

I'm still no Joey Fosko when it comes to area football, but give me some time. I believe I've figured out where every school in the region is located, so now I can concentrate on Xs and Os and the names in the game. Right? Let's hope so.

Today I profiled Class 3A District 1 football where Paducah Tilghman is the only local team on the docket. There's no doubt the Tornado will once again be at the top, but who takes the runner-up spot is in question.

Union County looks to be strong once again after finishing second in the district last year. Webster County could be strong; I couldn't get a hold of coach Andy Corbin to find out.

Coach Nick Eckert at Union County hopes the coaching change will benefit the competition, not the Tornado. The district knows little of new Tornado coach Randy Wyatt, but remembers Perry Thomas well.

"I think the new coaching situation is going to help them a little bit," Eckert said. "Perry was an outstanding coach there. He’s going to be hard to replace. He did a lot with their kids."

Thomas was 76-35 for the Tornado in seven years, leading last year's team to the Final Four, falling to eventual champion Louisville Central on a last second field goal. Thomas is now the head coach at Campbellsville University.

Wyatt spent time under Thomas as the offensive coordinator, but most recently focused his attention on the duties of head boys track coach. He was also a standout athlete at Tilghman as a youngster.

With Wyatt's characteristic swagger unchecked, teams in the district will at least find the Tornado motivated and excited to play.

---Marshall Enoch at McLean County is trying to build the program, one step at a time. Numbers are improving and the program now has freshmen and junior varsity teams. Enoch also went down to the elementary teams, begging coaches to teach the basic fundamentals of blocking, tackling and hitting. The strategy paid off with the elementary teams competing for championships in Owensboro, something that has never happened before.

---Josh Staples is now the head coach at Muhlenberg South after serving as the team's offensive coordinator. Staples is trying to bring a community buzz back to the program and is working on building. The team just wants to make it to the playoffs, which hasn't happened since 1995.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Associated Press photo, Nadia Liukin

I got teary-eyed when Shawn Johnson was nearly perfect on her floor routine last night. That meant Nastia Liukin won the all-around gold medal in women's gymnastics. She is one of three Americans to win the all-around gold — Carly Patterson did it the last Olympics and only Mary Lou Retton had done it before.

Johnson got second place, meaning the U.S. was one and two on the medal stand.

Update: My softball team lost Tuesday night. It was disheartening. We just fell apart after our third baseman was injured with a ball to her foot. Tonight though, my church can redeem itself if the men's team wins all three of its games to win the championship through the loser's bracket.

So not only did I lose Tuesday, but I missed Michael Phelps win another two gold medals. Sadness on all accounts.

Murray State's football game against Indiana will be shown on the Big 10 Network. Don't get too excited, though. Very few people will get the channel, and I doubt cable subcribers even have a chance at it.

After close analysis of Murray State's football media guide, it should be noted that defensive end Austen Lane has quite an impressive achievement under his name.

Lane recorded his first collegiate sack when playing as a true freshman at Missouri in 2006. He sacked Chase Daniel, last season's fourth-place Heisman trophy finalist. That's pretty awesome.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blissfully ignoring you

I feel like the little girl, above, in this Associated Press photo. lalalalalala! I can't hear you!

I get the majority of my sporting news from Since the Olympics have started, I care about only one thing. The Olympics.

While has good coverage of the events, they're also having to report on the other left-behind sports. College football. Pro football. Major league baseball.

Sorry sportscasters and sportswriters of our country, unless their colors are red, white and blue and are competing for medals, I don't care.

*Inserting fingers in ears. Lalalalalalalalalala!*

I bypass Sportscenter on my TV and head right back to NBC. Even the newscasts I watch are China-focused, which I can't get enough of. Bring me more of Brian Williams' culture pieces!

It's ridiculous. I watched three hours of swimming and men's gymnastics last night. Those are not typical revenue, viewer-producing sports. Yet, I was entranced.

On, I've read nearly every snippet of Olympics news and columns the Web juggernaut puts on my homepage.

It kills me to think I'll miss even a fragment of tonight's events. My church league softball team will be taking the field for playoffs. I can't miss out on playing right-center field, but I might miss Michael Phelps!

Red, white, blue and gold. That's what I'm talking about.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Epitome of Olympic greatness

It was late and I wonder how many Americans actually watched the race live.

Those who didn't watch it live I am sure have read about it in today's morning papers or seen it replayed over and over again on TV.

The 4X100m was amazing. I watched the first three American swimmers, Michael Phelps, Cullen Jones and Garrett Weber-Gale with interest. The big story line was the French, and how they vowed to 'smash' the Americans. Countless times I've heard epithets like that and seen them blown to smithereens.

It looked like the French might come away with a gold medal.

And then Jason Lezak was swimming the last leg for Americans. I gave up hope, and resigned myself to seeing Phelps' dash for eight gold medals die. But Lezak didn't give up.

He won.

I was screaming and high-fiving my fiance. Then I started laughing at Phelps' supremo screaming, taut muscles and all.

This weekend was filled with little other than Olympic watching. The opening ceremonies can't be topped. I watched the gymnastics preliminaries and remembered the fantastic performance of Keri Strugg from years past.

Tonight, I'll be back on the couch, waiting for more.