Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow?

The buzzword in the NFL is hair — long hair, copious amounts of bushy thatch — and whether it should be allowed in the league.

Herm Edwards, the Kansas City Chiefs’ head coach, leads the way in suggesting that long hair on NFL football players either be cut or somehow tucked away from the names plastered on the back of their jerseys.

The proposal will be reviewed in May at the next NFL owner’s meeting, after hearing feedback from the players. See the full story here at espn.com http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3323895

Hair has nothing to do with X’s and O’s, first downs or spying. But it does have to do with taste and dress code, according to Edwards.

For me, it seems unsafe and just gross. Watching it on high definition TV just magnifies the effeminate locks.

Imagine running around on a field with Troy Polamalu (pictured, No. 43), and getting your hand tangled in his unruly mass. Polamalu receives instant whiplash or paralysis in my eyes, similar consequences from grabbing the face mask of a player.

Not to mention that hair on anybody else’s head other than mine kind of gives me the willies. Especially long man-hair.

So the proposal is out there.

I don’t think the NFL can mandate a league-wide hair cut, nor should it. While not in the NFL, half of Hawaii’s lineup would send a barber into retirement if the NCAA adopted the same scheme. But putting your ponytail into a bun can’t be that troublesome. Girls do it all the time.

To me, it wouldn’t be any different than issuing school uniforms or dictating that TV reporters be freakishly well-groomed.

Is it a big deal, or not? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Without exception whenever I've watched NFL games with others who have played football we are amazed a tackler hasn't grabbed a handful of hair to pull the one with the ball to the ground; it's a ready made handle. So it's a safety issue, they ought to be made to cut their hair or tuck it under their helmet. I agree it looks gross and none of these guys should get any style points for grooming.

Anonymous said...

This is hair follicle fascism! Am I the only one who remembers when football was played by real men who wore their hair long? It wasn't too long ago: Fred Biletnikoff, Ken Stabler, John Matuzak. I guess you can see where I am going. I was a big Oakland Raiders fan. Sure, the hair on these guys was not as long as some of today's styles. But it could be, and was, grabbed without penalty or incident. With salary caps, the chance to play fewer but longer seasons and career-ending injuries not even conceived of 30 years ago, I say let them play and wear their hair in any style they wish.

Lew Jetton said...

I can recall at least 2 instances when NFL players were tackled "by the hair." One of them was Miami's Ricky WIlliams. I noticed not long afterward, he cut his hair.

The same principle played a role in ancient times, when Roman soldiers began the practice of shaving their beards! Give thy enemy less to grab hold of, and yank you down!