Monday, August 11, 2008

Epitome of Olympic greatness

It was late and I wonder how many Americans actually watched the race live.

Those who didn't watch it live I am sure have read about it in today's morning papers or seen it replayed over and over again on TV.

The 4X100m was amazing. I watched the first three American swimmers, Michael Phelps, Cullen Jones and Garrett Weber-Gale with interest. The big story line was the French, and how they vowed to 'smash' the Americans. Countless times I've heard epithets like that and seen them blown to smithereens.

It looked like the French might come away with a gold medal.

And then Jason Lezak was swimming the last leg for Americans. I gave up hope, and resigned myself to seeing Phelps' dash for eight gold medals die. But Lezak didn't give up.

He won.

I was screaming and high-fiving my fiance. Then I started laughing at Phelps' supremo screaming, taut muscles and all.

This weekend was filled with little other than Olympic watching. The opening ceremonies can't be topped. I watched the gymnastics preliminaries and remembered the fantastic performance of Keri Strugg from years past.

Tonight, I'll be back on the couch, waiting for more.

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Anonymous said...

Dusty I share your excitement for the US swimming victory and the prospect of Michael Phelps winning 8 gold metals (I heard the audio this morning). However over the years my enthusiasm for the Olympics has waned as the sports whose winners are determined by an electronic stop watch or points scored has decreased (I heard this morning baseball and softball had been dropped) while the sports whose winners are determined by a panel of judges seem to increase. Admittedly I don’t know much about the sports whose winners are determined by judges with one exception, boxing. Perhaps it goes back to the days when it was the US, USSR, and the Cubans but this is the most politicized sport of them all and as a consequence I can’t watch them as my blood pressure goes up.

Despite what I just said I might still watch it but for one thing, NBC is sucking up to the host country. No where on NBC or it’s affiliated networks non Olympic news coverage any mention that China has millions of it’s own people in prison for no other reason than they are political and religious dissidents. Nor will you hear that all those facilities were built with slave labor. No criticism of China their lips are zipped, funny how unrestrained they are about their own country.

Well that is my take on the Olympics this year, sorry didn’t mean to spoil it for anyone.