Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MSU miscellaneous

As of Monday, the Murray State football program has secured coaches for the offensive and defensive coordinator positions, Racer media relations assistant John Brush said. Other position(s) have yet to be filled, and the program is waiting to release information on the hirings until all are filled and final.


In Thursday's Sun, I wrote a feature story on Racer senior guard Tyler Holloway. So as not to throw away quotes, I've included my leftovers here:

Holloway on MSU:
“Everybody told me once you go to the place you’re supposed to be at, it will just hit you. I probably never would have dreamed it would have been as awesome as it’s been. I knew it was going to be great but it’s been all that I could have imagined and more, and I feel very blessed to say that I’ve played for Murray State and been a part of the program here.”

Coach Billy Kennedy on Holloway's experience at this point in the season:
“Tyler has the best understanding of what’s at stake right now because he’s participated in the NCAA Tournament and won an OVC championship. Our younger guys, and even some of our returning guys, it hasn’t hit them yet. That’s the biggest thing he brings is his experience and the understanding of what it takes to be a champion.”

Kennedy on Holloway's "marketability" for the program:
“He’s just a good example of what our program wants to represent. Somebody who’s going to get his degree, somebody who’s going to work hard, somebody who’s going to make good choices on the court and off the court, and a guy who can play. Tyler has great confidence in his ability to shoot the ball and that’s something we need to continue to build on through the end.”

Holloway on moving the 3-point line back this season:
“If you look at it, especially guard, I was never toe-to-the-line anyways. The way the game is played, it’s pressured out so much that you’re three or four feet behind the line anyways. I think you’ve seen a difference in big men’s percentages, and not shooting as many, but as far as guards, if you talk to me or anybody else, we’re not seeing a big difference.”

Holloway on why he's a clutch shooter:
“I think it starts in high school. I’ve always wanted to take that big shot. A lot of your really good players want the ball in their hands, in a clutch time like that, starting in high school. I think I’ve hit big shots and even here in Murray, I look back at clutch shots in my career.”

Holloway on the end of his career at MSU:
“It’s really starting to sink in. When high school ended, I knew I had something bigger and better coming, and not saying I don’t now with what’s coming. Because life’s all about changes, but I’ve always kind of been known as that guy who plays basketball. To know it is about to be over it gives you a whole different mindset.”

Holloway on how coach Kennedy's style compares to coach Mick Cronin:
"He’s a lot more laid back, which is a lot easier, almost, to play for a coach like that because you know that if you make a mistake, yeah, you might come out, but he’s not the kind of guy that’s going to get up in your face and yell at you, and I think it brings a calming presence to everybody else.”

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