Monday, February 23, 2009

They do hear you...Part II

The usually unruly fan that sits behind me did it again.

After being totally silent all game (based on later coughing and yelling, I presume he was under the weather), Mr. Unruly decides to heckle UT Martin's Lester Hudson during Murray State's game against the Skyhawks on Monday.

Hudson was called for his third foul late in the game, and spent Murray State's free throw time talking to the referees.

Mr. Unruly started yelling about diapers, insinuating he was a "cry baby." He caught Hudson's attention, and Hudson made a slight attempt to ignore him. Then he responded after Mr. Unruly began taunting him with his then field-goal ratio 3-for-15.

"Well you’re not out here are you," Hudson said, with other mild mumbles.

This fueled Mr. Unruly, who continued to heckle. "Hey Hudson, I've been watchin'!" until he grew hoarse.

Hudson, who averages 27.4 points a game, finished with 15 points.

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