Saturday, June 12, 2010


Reidland's state softball tournament semifinal game against Allen County-Scottsville in photographic form:

Let's call this one Joy. Well, her name is actually Hope Davidson, but Morgan Harrell's double getting Reidland back into the game Saturday was a cause for pure joy.

Futility. Mama Harbison is exasperated at her daughter's plate appearance, less having to do with her daughter's actual performance, but because of a call behind the plate. Shock, shown below Mama Harbison. She didn't like the call, either.

Anger. This Greyhound papa is more than angry, and based on observing him at other games, I believe the cause was the fellas in blue. ;)

Hope. Not Davidson. Mrs. Coach style. Not sure if she was praying or just too sick in the stomach and heart to look, but two outs in the bottom of the seventh with the game tied might've made me look away if I had a kiddo playing in the game.

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Anonymous said...

Haha...this is funny. I know your vacation kept getting delayed by us....but we so appreciate you. The girls feel like youre part of our team...well you and Edgar! lol