Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Be the coach...

In my near daily perusing of the Murray State sports message board (, someone posted a link to a basketball simulation game on the Internet.

The point is that you get to be the coach and manage a team throughout the season. Really, the only thing you manage is recruiting and tryouts, which is by far the most exciting part of the game.

So, for the past 45 minutes, I played as coach Pineapple McGee, coach of the University of Missouri, where in three seasons, I was 26-18.

My second and third seasons, my team was conference champion, and received a ticket to the Big Dance. My first year I was knocked out by Maryland Eastern Shore (who?), and the second year, I made it to the second round before getting beat by Florida A&M. The NCAA tournament was devoid of perrenial favorites North Carolina, Duke, Kansas and UCLA. Kansas was left out, partly because I whooped them in the regular season. Take that.

Overall, the game was fun. Obviously, or I wouldn't have just played it for nearly an hour. I gave up when my All-American senior graduated, leaving me with some mediocre talent. I just didn't think I could recruit well enough to win another conference championship. So I retired.

One of the messageboard posters just typed in to say he played the game until he went to "basketball heaven." That was over 50 seasons. Incredible.

Anyway, give it a try on this rainy day. The game could be loads better, but is still good for a relatively amateur setup.

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