Monday, November 24, 2008

Extras from MSU's two-win weekend

Murray State football coach Matt Griffin mentioned in his 11-17 press conference that a win against Tennessee State that following Saturday would be great not only for morale but give them a springboard into the final weeks of recruiting.

The bowels of Roy Stewart Stadium welcomed several recruits after Saturday's 24-17 win over TSU in colorful letter jackets flanked by hopeful parents.

MSU coach Matt Griffin said he's already had some soft commitments out of some players, but isn't ready count them as signed. He's said some of the targets also have had offers from other top OVC schools.

But. The eight weeks that remain before signing date are plenty to get things accomplished.

Outgoing senior Quinton Hankins had some thoughts for the possible recruits.

"I’d tell them don’t look at the record," Hankins said. "When it all boils down, it’s all about family and coming together and playing together. Once you can do that and build team cohesiveness, the sky’s the limit.

"If you want to be a part of a good team, Murray State is a place to be."


Amidst near turmoil and heartbreak at Western Kentucky, coach Ken McDonald had good things to say about Murray State's team.

"I think they have really good focus on offense, too," McDonald said. "They run their sets with really good precision, and they don’t beat themselves, and that's a sign of a good team and well-coached team. They defend well. They don't have a ton of turnovers. The fact they have 18 assists in a game with almost six guys playing going into double figures says a lot. They share the ball."


It seemed like the Racer fans had endless things to cheer about Saturday. Dale Beach, of Graves County, made a half-court shot worth $10,000 sponsored by Perkins Motor Plex out of Mayfield. It was the first time a contestant had made the shot offered at every game.

“I’ll use it to pay bills,” Beach said. “We’ll have a better Christmas. I’m thinking I might need a new car.”

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