Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thoughts on the Racers' game against Tennessee State

1. The Murray State men's basketball team collectively lacks swagger, which is a problem. However, newcomers Isacc Miles, Ivan Aska and Jeffery McClain are likely to show glimpses of swagger every now and then.

2. Removing freshman Donte Poole's redshirt was a good thing. In seven games played, he's averaging just over five points a game. Against Tennessee State he had six. By the time he hangs up his jersey for good, he'll be quite the basketball player.

3. The Lone Oak elementary students present for the game were emphatically more excited and better fans than the rest of the Racer faithful. After 40 days away from the Regional Special Events Center, no one but the Flash kids seemed really excited to see them.

4. It's a shame Georges Fotso didn't play basketball sooner in his life (he began play late in high school). He's got more heart for the game than anyone on the team. His post defense late in the game may just have bought the Racers a win.

5. Ohio Valley Conference officiating is, well, not so good lately. This makes four OVC games in four days that I have watched and the amount of no calls has been questionable. Then the make-up calls have been embarrassing. I'm no expert, but the referees set the tone for the physicality of a game based on what they will call and won't. In two men's games and two women's, the games have been very, very physical. I'm a big fan of letting the teams play it out on the court, but some one is going to get hurt soon.

6. The new pennants on the music stands of the Racer Band are a nice touch. But I do love the Racer Band at all times.

7. The Racers' two main weaknesses right now? Inbounding the ball and consistent offense. Their two main strengths? Post play and Kevin Thomas (almost five assists a game). Agree or disagree as you will.

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